04 - Character Creation

Character Creation

Start here to learn the basics.

04.01 - AnatomiX (Last Update: November 2019)

AnatomiX (Lab)

Patreon Exclusive: AnatomiX Brainstorm

Science: Cellular Regeneration and Alteration

04.02 Ascent (Last Update: August 2020)

Ascent (Lab)

Patreon Exclusive: Ascent Brainstorm

Science: Genetic Modification

04.03 Core+ (Last Update: March 2020)

Core+ (Lab)

Patreon Exclusive: Core+ Brainstorm

Science: Bio-electricity and mechanical enhancements

04.04 Depot (Last Update: March 2020)

Depot (Lab)

Patreon Exclusive: Depot Brainstorm

Science: Creation of pocket universes

04.05 - Facet (Last Update: May 2019)

Facet (Lab)

Patreon Exclusive: Facet Brainstorm

Science: Bending light waves

04.06 - The Network (Last Update: March 2020)

The Network (Lab)

Patreon Exclusive: Network Brainstorm

Science: Memory and mind alteration, surveillance

04.07 - Neurogrind (Last Update: March 2020)

Neurogrind (Lab)

Patreon Exclusive: Neurogrind Brainstorm

Science: Mentally-controlled robots and nanotechnologies

04.08 Timekeepers (Last Update: March 2020)

The Timekeepers (Lab)

Patreon Exclusive: Timekeepers Brainstorm

Science: Tweaking the flow and perception of time

04.09 - Tribe (Last Update: March 2020)

Tribe (Lab)

Patreon Exclusive: Tribe Brainstorm

Science: Increasing or decreasing friction

04.10 - Freelancers (Last Update: March 2020)

Freelancers (Lab)

Patreon Exclusive: Freelancer Brainstorm

Science: Let's get creative!