A post-apocalyptic RPG fueled by reality-bending tech & jazz

It’s time to break reality

The third World War destroyed civilization as we know it, but from the carnage a bastion of science and civilization arose: Delphi, a city founded by the seemingly omniscient Oracle. 80 years later, the world is still filled with chaos and monstrosities, but you are ready to fight for it: you, members of highly-guarded labs of super-science. Armed with the ability to change basic laws of physics, twist time, alter your anatomy, and graft advanced tech into your skin, you’re ready to take on the worst that the world has to offer.

Retroscape is a tabletop roleplaying game in development by the team at Parlor. Here's the quick-facts:

  • Retroscape uses a brand new system that heavily utilizes D12's and D20's.

  • Our fan-base knows us for the extremely customizable character creation in Tephra. We promise that Retroscape won't disappoint!

  • Our goal is to create ragingly unique character options that will provide a tabletop experience you've never seen elsewhere.

In Development

Retroscape is a RPG in development. While we have hundreds of pages of usable gameplay material that could keep your table gaming for years, it's not polished or ready for final publication yet. See the graph below to see how close we are to completion on any given topic.

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Managing Designer Jake Paul

Schlockmeister Daniel Burrow

Editing Kristen Winslow

Writing Erica Speegle

Art Luiz Prado, Alex Knauss, Victor Helton

Input Victor Helton, Tyler Hudson, Kevin Walkup